You’ve probably heard the rumors that the team at Lynx Wallet is launching a new blockchain for the community, or whispers of the EOS-killer? Here at Popstand we’re excited to confirm the suspicions circling the internet.

Introducing LynxChain! Built by Fred Krueger’s team at Lynx from a fork of the trusted EOS, without all of the hassle or headache that comes with it.

We’ve gone ahead and made a guide for getting you all setup and configured (currently only for LynxChain Testnet – Mainnet will be launching November 27th 2019)

We’re going to show how to get Lynx Wallet (v2.9.0) up and running

Step 1: First visit to download and install the Lynx Desktop app

Step 2: Next, click on LynxChain Testnet Account

Step 3: Enter your mobile number for SMS verification

Step 4: Enter the 6-digit activation code you received

Step 5: Select your account username (this will be your wallet address similar to EOS)

Step 6: Set your wallet pin

Step 7: Voilà! Bask in the glory of your new LynxChain Testnet Account!

Wasn’t that simple? You are now free to move about the LynxChain universe.

Bonus round! Configure Scatter to use the LynxChain network and import your account.

Step 1: Open Scatter and navigate to Networks

Step 2: Click add custom network, enter the following settings, then click the globe icon in the chain id field

Step 3: Click on the System Token tab and enter the following information and Save new network

Step 4: Rejoice! You have just added LynxChain to Scatter!

That was pretty painless. But wait… there’s more!

Sudden death round! Here we’ll show you how to export your LynxChain account private key and import into Scatter

Step 1: Export your private key from Lynx Wallet by clicking on the bottom left dropdown in Lynx Wallet and click Account Settings

Step 2: Click Export private key

Step 3: Enter your pin

Step 4: Copy your private key

Step 5: Open Scatter and navigate to Wallet and click Import Key

Step 6: Click on the Text option button

Step 7: Paste your private key into the field and your account will automatically import

Congratulations! You are now fully configured with Scatter on the Lynx Chain Blockchain!

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